Vol. 12, Number 3, 2016

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Hafizula Benai a, Zarema Nagaeva b, Ivan Baluba a, Timur Radionov a, Olga Syuzyaeva c
Methodological Problems of the Project of Reconstruction of Decisions Type of Buildings and Facilities in View of Large Cities Economic Feasibility 

a Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, b Construction and Architecture Academy FSAE IHE «V. I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University», c PHEI «Donetsk National Technical University»
Abstract. An objective analysis of the existing design solutions for the reconstruction of typical buildings and structures showed that today this kind of decisions requires qualitative changes and the integration of more modern and effective methods of organization of the project at all stages of implementation. Taking into account that the project is a document that regulates the organization of the process of construction and reconstruction of events, the authors investigated the main problems that may arise in the design process as well as during the implementation of design solutions. In addition, the authors draw attention to the strict observance of legal requirements, which are the guarantors of the quality of execution of design and construction works of varying degrees of complexity. Based on the above results, in the reconstruction of a typical building, the economic feasibility of the process of reconstruction has been proved, as the most effective way to organize and improvements, taking into account current trends and needs of the residents, the architectural environment of big cities.
Keywords: methodology, organization, project design, the reconstruction, the city, the economic feasibility, integration, implementation.


Nickolaу Sholukh, Alina Nad’iarna
Methodology of Research of Questions of Adaptation of Architectural Planning Solutions of Higher Educational Institutions to Requirements of Young People with Disability

Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Abstract. Article is devoted to development of the program of scientific research of problems of adaptation of architectural planning solutions of higher educational institutions to requirements of young people with limited physical abilities. A current condition of higher educational institutions in the territory of the cities of the Donetsk region was analyzed by authors. The attention is focused that the vast majority of the operating higher education institutions in the cities of this region are inaccessible for persons with limited physical abilities (especially for blind people and people with the expressed violations of the musculoskeletal device). The conclusion about special relevance of the considered problem and need of performance of scientific research on this subject is drawn. The conceptual and analytical device of scientific research is developed, its purpose, the main objectives, methods and means of their decision are formulated. Value for the theory and practice of design and reconstruction of buildings of higher educational institutions is told about estimated results of performance of this research, their scientific novelty also.
Keywords: young people with disability, specific requirements, higher education, higher educational institutions, inconveniences and difficulties of the integrated training, adaptation of architectural planning solutions, the program of scientific research, system approach and its derivatives, design and reconstruction, social and economic effect.


Viktor Iarkin, Hanna Kukhar
Regulation Forces in Slab Foundation in the Process Construction of the Building 

Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Abstract. Slab foundation is widely used in foundation engineering despite the high consumption of materials. In a number of cases, the bearing capacity of soil of foundation is not enough used. A method for reducing internal forces slab foundation through creating of separate elements, which are include in the jointly work at different stages of construction of the building. It has been given the results of the stress-strain state of the base and the foundation slab when the elements slab foundation included in the work at various stages of construction of the building. Analysis of the results showed that this method phased inclusion in the work of the elements slab foundation can significantly reduce the internal forces in it and, consequently, its consumption of materials. This method can also be used for correction of non-uniform settlements and tilt arising already during the construction of the building.
Keywords: regulation internal forces, slab foundation, contact pressure, non-uniform settlements.


Grittel Shevchenko, Dmitry Gura, Ruslan Glazkov
Software Analysis for Information Processing of Surface Laser Scanning

Kuban State Technological University
Abstract. In recent years, to perform a variety of surveying at the forefront of the technique of laser scanning. Especially often it is now used ground-based scanning. However, data processing of NLS can be implemented in different software products, which can lead user to some of the difficulties associated with selecting the appropriate software product. The program should allow you to effectively control the laser scanner during the field work, perform pre-processing of data, accuracy assessment, creation of digital terrain models and, equally important, must be adapted to the data export to CAD programs and other exchange formats. In this article, the authors analyze the functionality of the most popular software systems for data processing of laser scanning of various companies and countries (USA, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Germany, and Austria) and give a comparative description of each of them.
Keywords: surface laser scanning, software, point cloud.