Vol. 14, Number 1, 2018

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Mykola Zaichenko, Sergey Lakhtaryina, Olena Yegorova, Viktor Gubar,
Anna Sokolova
Optimization of Cement Stone Composition with Microcrynemase Additive and Superplassifier SIKA VISCOCRETE 5 NEW ST 

Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Abstract. The influence of the mineral additive of agglomerated silicafume of wet scrubbing of the Stakhanov ferroalloy plant and superplasticizer Sika ViscoCrete 5 New ST on the flowability of cement pastes and the strength of cement is considered. Optimization of the binder composition was performed by using a full three-factor experiment. Optimum binders composition were obtained ensuring the production of cement pastes with a diameter of slump at least 350 mm and cement with a compressive strength at the design age of at least 60 MPa.
Keywords: cement stone, superplasticizer, mineral additive, silicafume, optimization of astringent composition.


Nikita Savenkov, Andrey Bespaly
The Method of Selecting Transmission Ratios of the Truck Transmission Based on the Driving Cycle 

Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture
Abstract. The article suggests one of the best methods for the level of operating costs of a car. Increase its fuel economy in accordance with the driving regimes. The proposed method for improving the fuel efficiency of the GAZ 3302 category N1 car with the UMZ-4216 engine in the conditions of the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) [1] and the GAZ C41R13 car of the N2 category with the YaMZ-53441 engine under the national standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 54810-2011 [2]. Improvement of performance by optimizing a number of gear ratios (IFs) of a stepped mechanical transmission. Determination of fuel and economic properties of the process performed by numerical simulation.
Keywords: driving cycle, gearbox, optimization, gear ratios, fuel consumption, speed, fuel economy of the car.


Anatoly Kononenko, Ruslan Bozhko
Areas of Application of Pump Airlift Installations with Radial Super-Chargers 

Donetsk National Technical University
Abstract. Areas of application of pump airlift installations and factors limiting the application of airlifts of traditional design are explored. A numerical analysis of the operation of the pump airlift installation is made using the example of using a radial supercharger ЦНВ 200/3.0 in its composition. It is proved that, in comparison with the airlift installation of the traditional technological scheme, the operation of an airlift unit with a supercharger ЦНВ 200/3.0 in the pump mode, in the range of relative immersions a = (0,15-0,95), provides an increase the lifting height of the liquid and airlift performance with increasing of airlift efficiency and efficiency of airlift installation.
Keywords: pressure airlift, radial supercharger, lift height, efficiency, performance of airlift.


Katerina Holubchak
Artistic and Compositional Foundations of Forming of the Spiritual Retreat Centers of the UGCC 

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas
Abstract. The article deals with the new type of sacral building – the spiritual retreat center of the UGCC, which, due to its specificity and purpose, should possess high informativity, expressiveness and architectural representation. The artistic and compositional foundations of the forming of buildings of this type are outlined, with the aim to create a comfortable and attractive environment for its potential visitors.
Keywords: spiritual retreat center, artistic-compositional techniques, visual perception, architectural organization.